Zde najdete zápisky a fotoreporty účastníků právě probíhajících SURFTRIPů. Zápisky jsou uveřejňovány vždy v jazyce, ve kterém byly napsány, a to včetně japonštiny.

17. 4. 2019

Marek Balak is our really good friend for years and many people knit him with John John Florence :-)

Mara travelled many countries all around the world to surf there and currently he stays in Sri Lanka. Let’s ask him about his experience with local waves and his surf life.

31. 5. 2018

Our instructor Pítrs wrote some memories about Sri Lanka, waves and his trip there with his friends.

5. 11. 2017

Kristyna started to surf in Hawaii. Did she like Sri Lance after she already saw the surfer paradise? Not only this, but much more you can read about in her news. Thank you very much Tina!

28. 9. 2017

Here are some reasons why is Sri Lanka land like no other.