Sri Lanka from Tina´s eyes

5. 11. 2017

Kristyna started to surf in Hawaii. Did she like Sri Lance after she already saw the surfer paradise? Not only this, but much more you can read about in her news. Thank you very much Tina!


I will try to share my feelings from SURFTRIP on SRI LANKA. My plans were quite different, after my three month stay in Hawaii, where I fell in love with surfing and the local “surfer lifestyle,” I decided to find some other surfing location because I had only a few lessons in Hawaii that were relatively bad, so I did not learn much. I found some excursions here in Europe and I thought I would go so fine in the spring, but it was January after the exam and I said I missed the ocean. Lots of people told me that SRI LANKA is similar in nature to Hawaii and is cheap, so I started searching for tickets and I was wondering what I will do there alone and suddenly I found SURFTRIP, I believe it was send to me by the Universe, immediately I had everything settled and I was clear. Unfortunately, I was only 2 weeks free and I wish that I could stay in Sri Lanka much longer. 2 weeks is not a very long time, I really recommend it for longer. Finally, my dad decided that he would come to me for a week, so I did not even get so completely alone.

When I arrived, I was excited, I found friends and spent a great time with them as soon as I could make a break. They were all really nice, positive, energetic, friendly, and they all combine the same passion and feel in the air. I also fell in love with Sri Lanka food that is mostly meatless, which suits me, full of vegetables, rice and curry, but many other great goodies, and everything is very cheap. The locals do absolutely amazing pancakes for which I am weakness :)  and you can also give anywhere coconut, which is 300% less here than Hawaii. I would also pop out the local population, everyone is very pleasant and helpful, you do not feel any dangerous. Nature is beautiful, especially in the interior, when you go on a trip, although it is difficult to travel through time, because everything takes so long, but fortunately most interesting places are at the other end of the island and even near Surfhouse are interesting places to see - temples, empty beaches, a wild city … There are remarkable exits and sunsets on the local beach, and there are never so many people there, so you can enjoy yoga, like me. In addition, Sri Lanka is growing my favorite plumeria, which made me even more beautiful every day. I certainly recommend SURFTRIP to all of you, you will discover amazing people who are on the same wave and enjoy the atmosphere of Asia with everything, including friendship, Buddhism, Arrack, Ceylon and busy cities.

The main topic should be SURFTRIP, so, all I can say is: It was just wonderful. All I was regret about was that I was there so short. Finally somebody explained to me how to “surf” properly. Pítr is a great instructor and you can feel how he loves surfing and it's always the most important thing to do whatever you do. Learning conditions are perfect in Sri Lanka - a gradual entry into the water, shallow, sandy bottom, nice waves and especially unlike Waikiki's empty beach. Thanks to Pitr, I was even more in love with surfing, so I'm really grateful to SURFTRIP for my life. I'm already looking forward to more trips to take with you.

THANK YOU. With the love of Tina.

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