Why should you go to Sri Lanka with us?

28. 9. 2017

Here are some reasons why is Sri Lanka land like no other.

- Because we'll be surfing on the beach right next to surfhous

- Because you can choose from almost 50 surfboards in our rental office

- It'll be just a short walk from the beach

- Because the sunsets on our lineup are the nicest

- Because our instuctors has an ISA license

- Because the local people are friendly and always smiling

- Because even in winter you need to tan a bit :)

- When we get up in the morning, we'll jump into the warm ocean before cleaning our teeth

- We will always advise you where to find a quiet beach without tourists or where it lives and is full of bars, restaurants and discos

- If you want, we'll take surf pictures or shoot a video

- Because if you're still in a hurry, you're not in a hurry

- The sea is beautifully warm, waves big and strong, yet still suitable for beginners

- We bring surfboards to the roof of tuc tucu, and we will get to know the waves on other beaches as well

- I'll show you how to open a fresh coconut machete

- Because fruit cocktails do not need to be sprawled here

- We'll show you where to buy the best tea

- Understand the main difference between fish species of Coral Fish and Sri Lanka Fish .. and soon you become an expert

- I'll teach you to drive tuc tuc

- You know the Sri Lanan tea production process

- Because wherever you are pointing your camera, the photo is always great

- And because a kilo of bananas costs ten crowns and tastes like real bananas

- I'll teach you a homemade breakfast bounty

- I will tell you which arac will guarantee you badly … and what it is good to bring home as a gift ….

- Because otherwise you will not believe rice can taste even if you eat it three times a day

- I'll bet you who's dreaming of more Sri Lanan bananas

- Understand why Crazy Coconut will become your new favorite beach drink

- If there's a cobra in the street, I'll call you to have a super selfie

- I will show you markets full of known and unknown incredibly tasty and inexpensive fruit

- In almost every house in the village, the local cooks the good of their kitchen

- We'll drive Safari jeans with lots of elephants, buffaloes, crocodiles, peacocks and monkeys

- We'll make a photo of 15kg of a kite on your shoulder or look at the cow fight

- Visit impressive Buddhist temples and brush their worshiped elephants

- When we're hot on the shore, we're going to cool down in the mountains, where it's a little ten degrees less and take a waterfall under waterfall

- We will drive by train between mountain tea plantations and sit on the steps with our legs out of the train

- I'll take you barely 5,000 steps to the famed sunrise from the holy mountain Adam's Peak

- We will taste such a list of teas from local plantations that we will not sleep for two days

- I'll let you know why bus drivers go faster than everyone else

- We buy Coron, and after sunset, we'll be at local disco clubs

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