Bali trip

1. 3. 2018

Finally is right time to prepare my luggage. It was quite long time without surfing and enjoying sunshine. You know, Prague winter is not the best place to stay, all you can do is dreaming about beautiful beaches and coconut water.

So, where is my surfboard, where to find flip flops, boardshorts and passport? Well it wasn’t the worst and I found it. Prepare surf bag, cover surfboards with t-shirts, towels,…now I’m ready!

Prague airport, check-in and amazing flight with Emirates. As usually, first order some white wine, water and let the journey begin. From Prague to Dubai, quick stop-over, then from Dubai and 9 hours in the airplane. Welcome in Denpasar, Bali. Let’s arrange visa on arrival and be ready for two months of surfing, fun with friends, rice fields, beauriful sunsets and delicious food. I took my surfboards and right in arrival hall was waiting my driver Gede with big sign of my name. I was like US superstar :-)Traffic in Bali is quite bussy, cars, motorcycles everywhere, but Gede is professional and journey wasn’t longer than one hour and I found myself in Canggu.

Area of Canggu is renowned for its beautiful green landscape and rice fields. Surfing town on west coast, where yoga centers with skateparks are jointed, has a unique atmosphere. Canggu is interwoven with lots of local warungs, great restaurants and lot of tattoo and massage salons. Perfect place to relax and enjoy holiday.

Welcome with members of Riviera house, always great to meet Magda, Milo and local guy Trishna! Big villa with few rooms, large apartment and 9 outside gazebos, houses build from natural materials.

My friend Mila told me about waves and something like, find your boardshorts, wax your board and let’s go surfing. Hmmm, I’m tired but I want to be back in the ocean again. So let’s do it … I don’t know better feelings than to be in hot ocean just in boardshorts and rushvest. My skin is white and I don’t want to be sunburned straight first day :-) Where did I loose my muscles?? How to surf?? I have lot of questions in my mind. Perfect waves, beautiful sunset, just few people in the water on Berawa beach.

It’s my first day here and I already love it! Can’t wait for tomorrow, swell looks good. It’s just beginning and I’m so excited to see you here as well. Book your flight ticket, book your accommodation and I promise you, good things happen in Bali.


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