5. 2. 2018

Perfect waves, lonely beaches, salsa, lot of coconuts and delicious rum. What an amazing place. I took my surfboard and went for perfect session. Everyone was happy, had a great times and then my alarm rang. Was it just a dream? Unfortunatelly yes.

Then I’ve realized I have to find this place. Hours and hours of searching and I recognized that place is real and I can go there to change my dreams into the reality.

That place is situated in locals town called CABERETE, main surfing place in Dominican Republic. There is so many places all around the world, but that area is typical for surfers. Shops, surfboards, shorts, smiling faces, beautiful woman, it’ s just small part reasons to visit that place.

Every single morning is the best time to surf, perfect clean waves, just several people are guarantee to have a  great surf session. Our instructors are nice guys, always happy to help you in your surf progress! Anytime you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. For Cabarete is typical one thing, in morning is perfect time to surf, during the day is more windy and it’ s better to do different activities.

You can go for trips, try kiteboarding, do sunbathing, try paddle boarding. There is several places to visit, we’ll explain you what canyoning is! It’ s perfect to enjoy your afternoon with your friends. I’m pretty sure you’ll love it! Another thing is typical for local culture! Dominican Republic, typical carribean island, there is delicious rum everywhere! Mojito, Cuba Libre, anything you want for the prices you’ve never thought about :-) Happy hours, means 2 for 1 cocktail is guarantee of good fun! Salsa, reggae, dancehall is typical local music and it’ s based on each speaker. 

You can enjoy your evening, you can dance till morning, you can have fun with your friends, you can sleep, you do whatever you want!

Dominican Republic is calling and we are waiting for you.


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