29. 1. 2019

Our good friend Lukas came to Dominican Republic few years ago and since that he comes every year. Let’s ask him how is this surf camp?

Hi Lukas, Can you tell me why did you choose Dominican Repuplic?

I don’t even remember :-) Nah, just joking…I saw some pictures on your website, also my friend has already visited and I couldn’t miss this place.

What’s your favourite fun here?

This is tricky question. I don’t want to look like an alcoholic, but vitamin RUM is amazing start of your day. You’ll get up early and after shot of local rum you hit perfect waves.

That sounds great.

And is there anything to be ready for?

Be ready enjoy every minute from your holiday! This place is amazing and I fell in love immediately.

How was your surfing here?

Sometimes it was tough, on the other side I had perfect days and finally I could say the most important thing: I’m surfer :-)

Was it your first time on reef? 

Yes, I’ve never surfed breaks like here! I freaked out before my first drop in. By the way - it's just about your mind and then you will have smile on your face.


How to describe Dominican Republic in few words?



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