17. 1. 2019

Still hesitating to see the Dominicans and their habits? After reading, you will definitively stop.

„Hi, my name is Lukas and this is RUM“. In short, this is about the Dominican Republic and my surf-trip there. I’m pretty sure, this sentence is the first you will remember from anyone you will meet there. Doesn’t matter about a name – the most important thing is, you will hear this from everyone and everywhere :-)

It was beginning my 14 days trip to tropical paradise in Caribbean. I was excepting unbearable warm, few hours surfing in the morning, chill and surfing in the evening. Seriously, I hate boredom and I was thinking what I will gonna do between surf sessions?!

I took suncream, boardshorts, rushwest, also lot of books, magazines and I thought it will be perfect fill in my time. 

After my arrival to Cabarete, I met rest of my group (tried to remember names). For sure, it was dark I was tired after my flight and I didn’t remember anyone. That’s a great excuse – you can have a shot with everyone :-) Martinka – heart of Surf-trip – explained us how the things work in Cabarete and around areas. Our surf beach is 10 minutes by car – that means you have two times to get there and back in a morning! First departure is for crazy people, brave heroes, sunrise lovers and teetotaler people :-) Second one is for normal people as me and my friends :-) Daredevil’s reward was perfect sunrise, amazing waves, less people on line-up and great feeling after clean wave.

If you still think how it looks there, don’t do it anymore. Seriously, it’s amazing place on mother Earth. Every beach is lined by palms, white sand, hammocks, wooden cottages and bars for your fun. Magazine and all instagram pictures from Dominican republic are real. I coudn’t even imagine this place and reality was even better. 

Surfing is amazing fun, but you get hungry fast! We went back for big breakfast, we have saved energy for yoga class and party starting in afternoon :-)
And what to do in your free time? You can lay next to swimming pool, walking around surrounding places. You can enjoy local restaurants, trips and party everywhere and anytime. 

Let’s say something about trips. My first experience with canyoning and jumping from different hights. Next trip was to beach Playa Grande – incredible beauty. Stunning Carribean beach, palms and restaurant with seafood, traditional cuisine and RUM! It’s normal to get some mojitos for free as part of lunch menu. To be fair, rum is everywhere and sometimes it’s not easy to drink it, instead of coffee for breakfast! Let’s say: another region has different morals. I don’t want to explain you anything about evening. Just a little help: vitamin R costs around 1 USD.


Everything I want to tell you is: GO THERE AND HAVE FUN.

 I can’t wait to plan my trip again and enjoy carefree holiday.

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