Why you should visit BALI

28. 1. 2018

I have few reasons to visit a Bali. Among the more than 17,000 islands in Indonesia, Bali still shines the brightest in terms of tourism. Bali has never-ending list of stunning beaches, from the most famous Kuta beach, Nusa Dua to hidden beaches away from the crowd.

Have you ever tried surf? Not yet? So, Bali is your final destination! Just stop thinking about and buy your dreamed flying ticket to paradise. For sure, we can help you.

Surfers paradise is typical part of Australia, anyway I can say with pure conscience, Bali is surfer’ s paradise.

The most famous part for surfing is area around Canggu, also the Bukit Peninsula. So many breaks, beach breaks, point and reef breaks all around.

You can surf spot for beginners, for sure you can find breaks for professional surfers. It’ s not by chance, surf dudes and chicks all around the world going to Bali have fun and catch the best waves.

Also lively religious scene is the reason for travelling there.

The Balinese are spiritual people, predominantly Hindus, and their houses are furnished with a small temple, at which they pray every day.  From majestic sea temples overlooking the ocean to a soul-soothing grand temple complex up on the mountain, Bali’s temples shouldn’t be missed.

Bali also has every kind of natural beauty.

Flower gardens, rice fields, waterfalls, lakes and glorious mountain. If you like adventure, rent a motorcycle and go for exploring this nature. It is breathtaking and you will love your selfies when sun goes down, doesn’t matter where you’ll be at :-)

I can’ t forget the food! OMG, food is delicious! All around the island is so many restaurants from tiny places next to the road, after famous places with european, american, australian dishes. For sure, prices are different! I had one of the best Nasi Goreng(typical indonesian food) for less than 1US.

Do you like(love) yoga? Not yet, are you flexible as snake? Buy fly ticket to Bali again.

We cooperate with Bohdana Šebestová and she will explay you all from the beginning, also experts will enjoy practise with her every morning.

And can you imagine better start of your day than morning yoga, delicious breakfast and surfing before you’ll enjoy lunch on the cliff of Uluwatu?

Me neither :-)


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